Portsmouth Marine Society

Portsmouth Marine Society Books

No. 1: John Haley Bellamy: Carver of Eagles
by Yvonne Brault Smith
No. 2: The Prescott Story
by Ray Brighton
No. 3: The Piscataqua Gundalow: Workhorse for a Tidal Basin Empire
by Richard E. Winslow III
No. 4: The Checkered Career of Tobias Lear
by Ray Brighton

No. 5: Clippers of the Port of Portsmouth
by Ray Brighton
06 Portsmouth-built
No. 6: Portsmouth-Built: Submarines of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
by Richard E. Winslow III
07 - Altantic Heights
No. 7: Atlantic Heights
by Richard M. Candee
No. 8: There Are No Victors Here: A Local Perspective on the Treaty of Portsmouth
by Peter Randall

No. 9: The Diary of the Portsmouth, Kittery, and York Electric Railroad
by John D. Bardwell
10-Port of Portsmouth
No. 10: Port of Portsmouth Ships and the Cotton Trade
by Ray Brighton
No. 11: Port of Dover: Two Centuries of Shipping on the Cochecho
by Robert A. Whitehouse & Cathleen C. Beaudoin
12-Wealth and Honour
No. 12: Wealth & Honour: Portsmouth During the Golden Age of Privateering
by Richard E. Winslow III

13-Sara Long Bridge
No. 13: The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge
by Woodard D. Openo
14-Isles of Shoals Visual History
No. 14: The Isles of Shoals: A Visual History
by John D. Bardwell
15-Tall Ships of the Piscataqua
No. 15: Tall Ships of the Piscataqua, 1830-1877
by Ray Brighton
16-George Washington in NH
No. 16: George Washington in New Hampshire
by Elwin W. Page

17- Montgomery and the Portsmouth
No. 17: Montgomery and the Portsmouth
by Fred Blackburn Rogers
18-Tugboats on the Piscataqua
No. 18: Tugboats on the Piscataqua
by Woodard D. Openo
19-Rambles About Portsmouth
No. 19: Rambles About Portsmouth
by Ray Brighton
20-John Paul Jones and the Ranger
No. 20: John Paul Jones and the Ranger
edited by Joseph G. Sawtelle

21-Constructing Munitions of War
No. 21: Constructing Munitions of War: The Portsmouth Navy Yard Confronts the Confederacy, 1861-1865
by Fred Blackburn Rogers
22-In Female Worth and Elegance
No. 22: In Female Worth and Elegance
by John F. LaBranche and Rita F. Conant
23-Gosport Remembered
No. 23: Gosport Remembered: The Last Village at the Isles of Shoals
Edited by Peter E. Randall and Maryellen Burke, Ph.D.
24-Heavy Weather and Hard Luck
No. 24: Heavy Weather and Hard Luck: Portsmouth Goes Whaling
by Kenneth R. Martin

No. 25: U.S.S. Albacore: Forerunner of the Future
by Robert Largess & James Mandelblatt
26-Do Your Job
No. 26: "Do Your Job!" An Illustrated Bicentennial History of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 1800-2000
by Richard E. Winslow III
27-Jenny Lind
No. 27: Jenny Lind and the Clipper Nightingale Figurehead
by Karl-Eric Svärdskog
28-Portsmouth's Heyday
No. 28: Portsmouth's Heyday in Shipbuilding
by Gertrude M. Pickett

29-Rye Harbor
No. 29: Just Rye Harbor: An Appreciation and History
by Thomas and Rosemary Clarie / edited by Peter Randall
30-Maritime Portsmouth
No. 30: Friendly Edifices: Piscataqua Lighthouses and other Aids to Navigation 1771-1939
Jane Molloy Porter
30-Maritime Portsmouth
No. 31: Maritime Portsmouth: The Sawtelle Collection
edited by Richard M. Candee, appreciations by J. Dennis Robinson

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