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Famous Portsmouth Ships

U.S.S. Albacore - Piscataqua-built

Albacore at sea off the coast of New Hampshire-Maine
Albacore today at the Port of Portsmouth Maritime Museum. © Peter Randall 2011

Built at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 1951-52, The Albacore was the first truly streamlined submarine, pioneer of many technological advances incorporated in the US nuclear submarine fleet, historian Gary Weir has called her "the most significant submarine ever built."

As a ship memorial in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Albacore Park is worth a visit.

U.S.S. Albacore: Forerunner of the Future, by Robert Largess & James Mandelblatt, Portsmouth Marine Society Number 25, 7x10 Reprinted 2002, 2011 in paperback. Hardcover out of print.

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