Portsmouth Marine Society

About the Portsmouth Marine Society

Publishing books since 1982

In 1982, Joseph G. Sawtelle and Peter E. Randall gathered a group of local historians, researchers, and writers together and began the non-profit publishing house known as the Portsmouth Marine Society. The goal was to publish history connected to the Piscataqua River basin, in order to educate readers and preserve the region's heritage.

Since then, thirty-one titles have been published in cloth-bound volumes, and a select number have been reprinted in softcover when the cloth volumes were no longer available.

The Portsmouth Marine Society is a non-profit, educational publishing house established to develop maritime historical research in the Piscataqua River Basin of New Hampshire and Maine. Since 1982, Peter E. Randall Publisher has produced all 31 of the Portsmouth Marine Society's books, each one illustrated and complete with index, references, and bibliography. The titles are researched and written by New England historians, many of whom are New Hampshire or Maine natives. Our writers are acknowledged leaders in their fields, and closely connected to their chosen subject matter.


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