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Special Exhibit: Under the Isles of Shoals:
Archaeology and Discovery on Smuttynose Island —
May 3 to August 30, 2012

32 Under the Isles of Shoals, Archaeology, Smuttynose

The Under the Isles of Shoals Archaeology and Discovery on Smuttynose Island exhibition at Discover Portsmouth is a kid-friendly presentation of the historic artifacts discovered under the ground on Smuttynose Island.

Historians have long suggested that Native Americans rarely visited the Isles of Shoals, if at all. That myth exploded with the recent discovery of a cache of Indian artifacts dating from 6,000 years ago to colonial times. Prof. Nathan Hamilton, University of Southern Maine, and his archaeology student interns, have unearthed 200,000 artifacts in the last four years of the methodical summer “digs” at Smuttynose Island. Fish hooks from the 1600s and the bones of extinct giant cod, for example, offer clues about the profitable commercial fishing industry that drew the very first settlers here.

The exhibit also includes never before seen paintings by John Stobart, commissioned exclusively for the Isles of Shoals exhibit!

The companion book for this exhibit is the latest Portsmouth Marine Society title, Under the Isles of Shoals: Archaeology and Discovery on Smuttynose Island.

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